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introduces you to the culture, wildlife, landscapes and natural and cultural treasures of the South American countries of Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Brazil and in the mysterious white continent of Antarctica.

Embark on a rich and fascinating journey through the Gate of the Sun to visit the Galapagos Islands, Amazon Rainforest, Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Chan Chan, Nazca, Paracas, Lake Titicaca, Iguazu, Bariloche, Peninsula Valdez, Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and more. We offer yachts, cruises, Amazon jungle lodges, hiking, trekking, rafting, and other fascinating adventures!

  We are able to customize any tour (or combination of tours) to meet your specific requirements...  
  Inti Travel and Tours      
  Inti Travel and Tours is a small, family-run Canadian corporation specializing in environmentally, culturally and socially responsible tourism in South America, Easter Island and Antarctica. We have over 30 years experience in arranging a variety of tours that have met a range of specific requirements to fulfill and exceed our clients expectations.  All of our trips are guided by licensed naturalist and tourist guides who are intimately familiar with (and sensitive to) the nature, culture and people of the places we visit...  
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  Ecuador Peru Bolivia  
  Map of Ecuador
Andean Haciendas & Spa

Andean Tours 
Coastal Ecuador
Discover Amazonia

Discover Galapagos

Inca Trail to Ingapirca
Mashpi Lodge
Otavalo Market Tour

Route of the Incas
Spirit of the Andes
Vilcabamba Hiking
Map of Peru
Arequipa & Colca Canyon
Ausangate Highlands Trek
Chan Chan Archaeology Tour
Choqekirau Incan Ruins Trek 
Cuzco & Machu  Picchu
Discover Amazonia 
Inca Trail Trekking
Lares Trek
Mountain Lodges of Peru
Nazca and Paracas Tour
Puno & Lake Titicaca
Salcantay Inca Trail 

Suasi Island
The Southern Cross
Map of Bolivia
Amboro Park Birding 
Chalalan Ecolodge 
Flotel Reina de Enin 
Lake Titicaca and La Paz 
Sucre & Potosi 

Please ask us about additional tours throughout Bolivia - the undiscovered country! We have many affordable fixed departures and customizable itineraries.

  Easter Island      
  Eastare Island - The Lost Civilization of Rapa Nui "Myth and reality merge in a unique landscape in which both nature and the energy of a culture like no other give life to the most remote inhabited island in the world. Dive into the history of a unique Polynesian culture full of traditions and ancestral customs." Experience the wonders of the lost civilization of Rapa Nui (Easter Island) with our 7 day / 6 night package from Santiago, Chile. The package includes all airport transfers, three nights hotel accommodation in Santiago, a full day tour of Santiago, Valparaiso and Vina del Mar with lunch at a local vineyard and a three night stay in Easter Island at the Hare Noi Hotel that includes a choice guided excursions...

Easter Island

  Map of Argentina Penguins at Puerto Madryn, Argentina
Puerto Madryn

From the cafes of Buenos Aires, where impassioned tango dancers swirl through the night, to the grand peaks of the Andes, towering magnificently over the central valleys, and from the breathtaking wilderness of deepest Patagonia to the legendary open-pit barbecues of the north, Argentina offers an experience unmatched anywhere in the world.

Iguazu Falls, Argentina
Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Los Glacieres Nat'l Park
Los Glacieres Nat'l Park

Argentina's Natural Wonders
Bariloche & Glaciers
Buenos Aires Package Tour
Glaciers & Tierra del Fuego  
Iguazu Falls Nature Tours
Mendoza Wine Route

  ANTARCTICA Mysterious... and Colorful  
  Map of Antarctica...

The mysterious White Continent with its multi-colored ice caps, glistening glaciers and towering snow-capped mountains offers amazing scenery and superb photographic opportunities. Enormous numbers of penguins, whales, seals and seabirds congregate in the food-rich waters along the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic shores.

To the Penguins!

Our Antarctic Nature Cruises & Tours

  Travel with Children      
  To Evan's Ecuador...
Jeff Waugh

In February and March of 1998, five-year-old Evan traveled with his father on a four week vacation to Ecuador. This is Evan's story of his first special journey to South America...

Evan's Ecuador 1998

To Evan's Ecuador, Peru & Bolivia 2000
Jeff Waugh

In July of 2000, seven-year-old Evan embarked on another incredible journey. This time to Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. Let Evan guide you through the wonders of the Gate of the Sun...

Evan's 2000

To the Adventures of Little Miss Chievous...
Jeff Waugh

In March, 2002, six-year-old Little Miss Chievous embarked on a wonderful and exciting journey to explore Ecuador with Evan as her guide...

The Adventures of Little Miss Chievous and Her Big Brother Evan


Galapagos Islands
Jeff Waugh

Galapagos Islands
According to legend the Inca Tupac Yupanqui set sail from the coast of Ecuador in the late 1400's with 20,000 men on balsa rafts. On his journey he discovered and named two islands - Ava Chumbi (Outer Island) and Nina Chumbi (Fire Island) . Some historians believe these islands were the Galapagos...

Maps - pdf   


Machu Pichu
Jeff Waugh

Machu Picchu
Hiram Bingham rediscovered Machu Picchu,  The Lost City of the Incas, in 1911...

Gene Savoy, the founder of the South American Explorers Club, rediscovered the massive pre-Incan ruins of the Chachapoyan culture at Gran Pajaten in 1960...

And in 1996, Johan Reinhard discovered Incan mummies on the top of 19,000 foot peaks in the Peruvian Andes... 

And in 2002, Incan mummies were discovered on the edge of Lima... and another Incan city was found near Cusco!

The Art of Eduardo Kingman
Eduardo Kingman

Inca Rescue 2002!
Incan City of Vilcabamba

Ice Mummies of the Incas

Ice Treasures of the Incas

What will you discover?

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